Thursday, April 27, 2006

Stolen Mobile Finder - A new invention

A resident of Visakhapatnam has lost not one not two but thirty mobiles.The experience of losing so many cell phones got him thinking and he started experimenting with making devices that could track mobile thiefs.N V Satyanaraian, an M Tech and a scientist, finally managed to do something about it.Hours of experimentation resulted in software called Stolen Mobile Finder, a unique device to track down mobile thiefs of which he now holds the patent.This Visakhapatnam resident claims that once the software is installed, it is difficult to change the sim card of the phone.If the thief tries to change the software, the handset asks for a password and accepts whatever password the thief puts in.However, then the software starts its trick."Rs 900 will be reduced everyy hour from the sim card and this will happen without the thief's knowledge. It requires no operator help. The mobile will take care of this on its own and inform the real owner of the status of the phone," says he.And there's more. As soon as the theft is identified, the software transfers the entire address book to the actual owner of the phone within seconds and regularly communicates with the owner about incoming and outgoing calls.It also uses some old fashioned psychological pressure. The software makes the mobile emit a loud alarm at odd hours even when the cell is switched off."The incoming calls, outgoing calls and vibrator mode of the mobile is suspended and gets into the dormant mode. The thief's voice can be picked up and his intentions can be monitored," says Satyanaraian.Besides this mobile thief catcher, Satyanarain has another wonder up his sleeve.He is developing a micro-windmill mobile charger, which harnesses wind energy.The Research and Development Division of the Department of Science and Technology at the National Innovation Foundation and some venture capitalists fund his innovations.Satyanaraian has already won a national award for his innovative inventions and is now negotiating with mobile phone makers to use his software, which he recently got patented.


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